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I just want to correct some of this questions because hope's birthday is on feb.18 and not 19 and for SJM 4.123 you are wrong with your complain about he dogs because if you count them they are 5 because in the choices 4 and V is for 5th Umm, sorry but I wanted to correct sh, the others have been told by another someone but the thing is BTS first album is Dark&Wild. Please notice this and thank you :) I wanted to say J-hope's birthday is February 18th not 19th, Bang PD didn't know V for 1 year (rookie king), their first album was 2 kool 4 skool not O!

Which Idols Do Other Idols Want To Be Waiting For Them At The.

is their first mini album, and Dark&Wild is their first album. Jin's (jjanggoo(I don't know how to spell) 2.

Do you think some of <em>BTS</em> Bangtan Boys members are <em>dating</em>.

BTS Reveals Their Honest Thoughts about Marriage & Dating.

Jungkook (Gooreum (Itt was on one of Dope performance)Thank you.

Do you think some of <em>BTS</em> Bangtan Boys members are <em>dating</em>.
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All the attention was on these two top Hallyu stars who also elevated a pan-Asia hit drama and launched a dating ship for certain drama fans.Ultimate BTS fan test! - Test - Quotev

Bts v dating fangirl:

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